Radostin Vasilev - Law Firm

Radostin Vasilev - Law Firm

Dear clients, partners and friends,

Due to the expanded range of services provided by us and our desire to constantly develop and improve, we inform you that as of 1 October 2020, the entire activity of Vasilev and Co. Consulting will be performed by Radostin Vasilev-Law Firm. The Department of Sports Law and Sports Management has been established in the structure of Radostin Vasilev-Law Firm, in which the team of Vasilev and Co. Consulting will continue to provide legal and consulting services in the field of sports.
Our official website has already been completely updated and is divided into two main areas: “Legal Services” and “Sports Law and Sports Management” and for greater convenience is bilingual (EN / BG) with flag icons for direct translation. In the website you will find more about the services we offer, current news and detailed information about the entire activity of Radostin Vasilev-Law Firm.

United under the common idea called Radostin Vasilev-Law Firm, we will continue to work with diligence, uncompromisingness and responsibility, striving to perform our assigned work in a way that fully satisfies the goals and interests of our clients. We will strictly follow the professional code of ethics, as before.

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Thank you for being with us!