FIFA Disciplinary Committee sets final deadline for Revan FK to comply with FIFA DRC decision

Today, we received in our office the decision passed by FIFA Disciplinary Committee (DC) in reference to the case Julio Cesar Mendes Moreira v. Club Revan FK (Azerbaijan).

With its decision dated 12 May 2015, FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) ordered Revan FK to pay to Mr. Moreira his outstanding remunerations plus 5% interest p.a. (as described in the decision below) until the date of the effective payment.

Revan FK failed to comply with the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC)’s decision and therefore, with its decision passed on 22 September 2016 (enclosed below), FIFA Disciplinary Committee pronounced the Azerbaijani club as guilty and in violation of art. 64 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code. Furthermore, Revan FK shall pay a fine to the amount of CHF 10,000.

Pursuant to point 4 from FIFA Disciplinary Committee’s decision if Revan FK fails to pay to the creditor, Mr. Moreira by the established deadline, FIFA Disciplinary Committee will deduct automatically 6 points from Revan FK’s first team in the domestic league championship without further notice.

In case, the club still fails to pay to Mr. Moreira, even after the deduction of points, FIFA Disciplinary Committee will decide on a possible relegation of the debtor, Revan FK in the next lower division.

Vasilev & Co. Consulting’s team

Date: 20 October 2016



FIFA DC decision Moreira/Revan
FIFA DC decision Moreira/Revan

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