Law of succession

Law of succession is a set of civil right regulations that govern public relationships with regard to the death of a natural person the succession of his/her estate by other individuals.

The individual whose estate is subject to allocation is a testator, and the individuals who acquire a share of the heritage are the heirs, whereas the relationships with regard to the heritage are governed by the law of succession.

Our legal services in the field of Bulgarian law of succession mainly comprise:

  • Consultations on inheritance by law and by virtue of testament;
  • Preparation of testaments and opinions on ready testaments;
  • Consultations on testament cancellation;
  • Recovery of preserved share of the estate;
  • Partition of the estate;
  • Relinquishment of inheritance procedure;
  • Preparation of documents with regard to relinquishment of inheritance;
  • Court proceedings with regard to unsettled succession relationships;
  • Procedural representation before all court, state and municipal authorities;
  • Overall legal aid on matters of the law of succession.
Law of succession