Law of property

Law of property governs the property relations between individuals with regard to the possession and use of individual things. The term “ownership” is a key concept of the law of property. “Ownership” is an individual’s right to possess, use and dispose of a thing, whereas all other individuals are obliged not to prevent him/ her of doing so.

In addition to the absolute title, limited property rights may also exist, for example the building right, right of use, different types of easements (an obligation of a property to undergo the activity and use of an adjacent property – for example, to lay down water-mains). In some cases, such limited property rights are independent, and in other cases, they are determined by the main title.

In addition to sole ownership – i.e. when an individual is the owner of a thing, joint ownership may also exist among several individuals, each of them holding a share of the common thing. The community property that occurs upon marriage or the joint ownership of a thing developed as a result of the work of several individuals are classic examples of joint ownership. In some situations, joint ownership may be cancelled by means of voluntary or judicial partition.

Our team offers a full package of legal services, including:

  • Consultations on acquisition of real estates;
  • Establishment of encumbrances on property – mortgages, easements, right of use, right of way, etc.;
  • Communication with state and municipal authorities with regard to real estates;
  • Making and bringing claims for defence of infringed possession, claims for establishment of ownership, claims for determining exact property borders, etc.;
  • Judicial and out-of-court partition of properties;
  • Legal advice on condominium ownership;
  • Legal support under the State Ownership Act and the Municipal Ownership Act;
  • Procedural representation before different types of courts;
  • Bringing claims and defence under ownership and possession cases;
  • Overall assistance for notarial certification of transactions;
  • Developing the entire visions upon purchase and sale of real estates;
  • Preparation of preliminary agreements;
  • Assistance for leases and preparation of the respective documents;
  • Assistance to foreign natural persons and legal entities in real estate transactions.
Law of property