Law of competition

Law of competition is a set of legal regulations that govern public relationships with regard to the maintenance, protection and development of free economic initiative and efficient competition in the economic activity. Such regulations are provided for in the Competition Protection Act – agreements, decisions and coordinated practices for restriction of ompetition, abuse of dominant position and any other instruments and actions that might result in prevention, restriction or violation of competition.

Radostin Vasilev Law Firm offers its customers the following legal services in the field of the law of competition:

  • Preparation of opinions with regard to the law of competition;
  • Preparation of requests for identification of unfair competition to the Competition Protection Commission in case of violations;
  • Preparation of responses to received requests for identification of unfair competition;
  • Communication with the Competition Protection Commission on any matters;
  • Procedural representation and appeal of the Competition Protection Commission’s decisions before the Supreme Administrative Court.
Law of competition