Labour law

Labour law is a law branch that has two major functions – economic and protective. Through its economic function, the labour law ensures the development of manufacturing activity and service provision, by governing the relationships occurring with regard to the provision of employees and their recruitment. Its protective function ensures the proper application of the principles of freedom of labour and forced labour ban, while giving the opportunity for legal protection of both workers and employees’ interests and employers’ interests. In the field of labour law, Radostin Vasilev Law Firm offers:

  • Overall legal assistance of employers with regard to the labour legislation;
  • Legal opinions on imposing disciplinary penalties;
  • Consultations on service agreements and subscription services;
  • Court and out-of-court settlement of occupational accidents-related disputes;
  • Preparation of papers and documents for any kind of labour disputes;
  • Representation before competent courts and all instance courts with regard to redundancy, disciplinary penalty, dismissal-related matters and other legal disputes;
  • Preparation of employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements and statements, internal rules on work order, instructions and any kind of papers and documents in this field;
  • Negotiations between employees and employers;
  • Consultations on entering into and termination of employment relationships.
Labour law