Internet and online regulations

“Internet law” governs the public relationships in the virtual internet environment and refers to the mechanism, key legal terms and definitions. It refers both to legal and underlying aspects of self-regulation and legislation in the field of information technologies. It covers the legal provisions for the electronic document and electronic signature, e-government and electronic commerce, rights of domains, protection of copyrights in the Internet, policies for settlement of legal disputes and jurisdiction.

The law related to internet and online communications is often called “cyber law” for short. Many terms used in this branch of law are actually not quite new. Nevertheless, the way they apply changes continuously due to the increasing amount of computers in the society and this has inevitable implications on our daily communication, business and entertainment. Today, more than ever, it is difficult to imagine that we could successfully run a business without the use of internet and internet technologies, which per se requires the assistance of attorney-at law experienced in internet law. Some terms used in the internet law are still quite new and do not have the appropriate legal definition. This is evidence of the rapid development of this area and the legal regulations are trying to cope with business innovations.

Our team comprises experienced specialists who have the required skills to help you in passing through the jungle of rules, regulations, principles and terms in the internet. Some of the services we offer are as follows:

  • Preparation of privacy general terms and conditions and policies for websites and online platforms;
  • Communication with the Personal Data Protection Commission;
  • Assistance on matters with regard to the Consumer Protection Act;
  • Legal support under the Electronic Commerce Act;
  • Cookies policies;
  • Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) into the online platforms’ internal rules;
  • Legal advice to natural persons – owners of online platforms that process personal data;
  • Partnership with a leading company for design, support and optimisation of websites and online platforms;
  • Appeal of fines and financial sanctions imposed by various government authorities – Consumer Protection Commission, Competition Protection Commission, Personal Data Protection Commission, etc., through administrative and judicial channels.
Internet and online regulations