Family law

Family law is a system of legal regulations that govern the relationships based on marriage, kinship and adoption, guardianship and trusteeship, as well as the relationships between parents and children.

As a result of the marriage, a number of matters of property nature arise, which need to be settled.

Our consultations and legal services in the field of family law comprise:

  • Consultations on means for dissolution of marriage;
  • Divorce upon mutual consent;
  • Divorce upon default of any of the spouses;
  • Vesting parental care rights;
  • Determination of personal contact scheme;
  • Determination of adequate monthly support for a child;
  • Increase of already awarded child support;
  • Permit for a child to travel abroad;
  • Permit for a child to have personal documents issued;
  • Determination of bigger interest in the community property after divorce;
  • Preparation of marriage agreements and legal support on related procedures;
  • Consultations on adoption;
  • Legal advice on choice of community regime;
  • Procedural representation before all court, state and municipal authorities;
  • Overall legal assistance on family law matters.
Family law