Defence of execution debtor

Our team has vast professional experience in the field of executory proceedings. Some of the services that we offer for the defence of the debtor are as follows:

  • Overall research and preparation of opinion with regard to the initiated executory proceedings;
  • Suggestions and useful legal advice on undertaking the respective legal actions;
  • Preparation of written requests, objections, demands, appeals, etc.;
  • Appeal of the decree on fine and decree on award;
  • Appeal of the enforcement of property, which is not eligible for expropriation;
  • Appeal of the appropriation of movable belonging or the removal of the debtor from a property due to the fact that he/she has not been properly notified about the enforcement;
  • Appeal of the enforcement agent’s refusal to make a new evaluation under the terms and conditions of article 468(4) and article 485 of the Civil Procedure Code;
  • Appeal of the designation of a third person as a guardian upon failure to meet the requirements of article 470, as well as in the cases under article 486(2) of the Civil Procedure Code;
  • Appeal of the enforcement agent’s refusal to suspend, terminate or complete the enforcement;
  • Appeal the enforcement costs;
  • Appeal of the means applied by the enforcement agent due to disproportionality of the enforcement;
  • Seeking the liability of the enforcement agent for property or non-property damages caused to the debtor during the proceedings as a result of illegal enforcement;
  • Bringing counter action for declaration against the execution creditor under the proceedings for discharge of the debtor’s obligation.
Defence of execution debtor