Banking law

As a law branch, banking law governs the public relationships arising in connection to pursuing banking business. In their nature, these are financial and pecuniary relationships that arise as a result of entering into and performance of bank transactions between banks and law subjects – natural persons or legal entities. The subject matter of banking law covers business, civil and public legal relationships. In every developed society, every individual uses the services of a bank to make a deposit of his/her own funds or to use the bank’s services for receiving remuneration and loans in the form of consumer, mortgage or corporate loan.

Our legal services in this area comprise:

  • Legal consultations on consumer and mortgage loans;
  • Consultations on overdrafts, foreign exchange operations and general terms and conditions;
  • Overall legal service with regard to business loans for start-ups or existing businesses;
  • Procedural representation before courts with regard to obligations to banks and other credit institutions;
  • Overall legal service of banking and non-banking credit institutions.
Banking law