Administrative law

In Bulgaria, administrative law is a branch of the public law and covers all public administration-related legal issues. The Bulgarian administrative law governs the relationships between public authorities and individuals.


Administrative authorities operate on the basis and within the frameworks of the law and the general presumption of legality of their acts applies. In case of administrative authorities’ action or omission injuring someone’s legal rights and interests, the Administrative Procedure Code provides for specific out-of-court and court procedure for their defence. In this case individuals are entitled to compensation.


The team of Radostin Vasilev Law Firm is ready to offer you high level of professional assistance. Our services in this area comprise:


  • Procedural representation in administrative cases before all instance courts.
  • Defence of persons brought under administrative and criminal liability;
  • Consultation and preparation of opinions on activities that are subject to permit and license regulations;
  • Issue of individual, general and legal administrative instruments.
  • Reopening of proceedings for issue of administrative instruments;
  • Contesting administrative instruments before all instance courts.
  • Contesting illegal and inappropriate administrative instruments through administrative channels;
  • Repealing effective court orders;
  • Defence against illegal actions and omissions of the administration;
  • Effectuating administrative instruments and judgements;
  • Proceedings for establishment of administrative violations and imposition of administrative penalties;
  • Contesting penal rulings;
  • Reopening of administrative and criminal proceedings.
  • Effectuating court penal rulings under administrative and criminal proceedings;
  • Assistance under the Spatial Development Act;
  • Appealing any kind of administrative instruments;
  • Enforcing the state’s liability under the State and Municipal Liability for Damages Act /SMLDA/;
  • Legal assistance for foreigners with view of obtaining residence status, citizenship, visas and communication with embassies;
  • Preparation of public procurement papers and documents, etc.
Administrative law